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Responding to Dementia: two workshops

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Thursday 18 March and 29 April, 8.00 pm on Zoom

Alzheimer's and other kinds of dementia affect so many of us. Attitudes are changing, but fear and incomprehension are still common responses.

How can we learn to respond with love and understanding so we can relate better to people living with dementia and support their caregivers? How does the Gospel impact our understanding?

This basic session aims to give useful information and practical examples, with a combination of up to date professional advice and personal experience of emotional and spiritual challenges and resources. It will help us think how we could better respond as individuals and as churches and community groups.

Emmanuel Church 24 Ridgway London SW19 4QN

Register at

Repeated Thursday 29 April 8.00 pm on Zoom

St Luke’s Church, Wimbledon Park

Register at

Going further

We would like to help develop groups to share ways of giving support, learning from existing examples, helping to plan local initiatives. We are learning from what others are already doing and hoping to build on that.

Watch this space - or contact us if you have suggestions or queries.

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