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Some more helpful resources

Updated: Feb 7

Some time back I listed resources that had been helpful to me. Here are some more

Two books:

Tina English: A Great Place to Grow Old, London, Darton, Longman & Todd, 2021

A simple and accessible introduction to working with older people in general. The chapter on Dementia gives a clear and comprehensive overview in just 20 pages, while the next chapter on Carers is helpful in examining the challenges that carers face and some resources for supporting them.

Wendy Mitchell, What I Wish People Knew About Dementia, From Someone Who Knows, London: Bloomsbury, 2022

Wendy Mitchell’s recent book describes some of the ‘strategies that enabled her to “live well with dementia”… a kind of how-to manual for people with the condition and those who support them.’ (Review by Nicci Gerrard in The Guardian, Tue 1 Feb 2022)

Two helpful websites:

Embracing Age

A Christian charity working towards a world where older people are valued, connected and full of hope, by combatting loneliness, mobilising volunteers, equipping churches and speaking out

Legal and financial questions in the UK

Pathways Through Dementia provides free, accurate legal and financial information to support people living with dementia in the UK, including information about provisions like local Councils, Attendance Allowance and Continuing healthcare

And some links to legal help in the USA:

Dementia and driving

From Warner Law Offices

Vetting a doctor before surgery

From FHVLegal (Freedman Harwin Cander Valori)

Helpful advice about scams and frauds for older people (of any cognitive ability)

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