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Caregivers again

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Social care is being talked about (a bit) as we head for an election. It’s so important but governments have avoided long term planning.

We need to keep the pressure up, both on candidates now, and on the next government, to follow through on cross-party agreement and specific action. It’s not only money – of course that’s vital – but really joined-up health and social care teams giving personal and focussed support.

We were fortunate, both to have great carers to come home and be with Shoko, and to find the Community Dementia Care Team in our local area. They gave us joined-up support. But so many never experience it.

And the caregivers need support, financial, practical and emotional, for their demanding and draining role.

More about this in Living with Alzheimer's – a love story

Published in January 2020 by Instant Apostle; ISBN 9781912726196. Available here to order online.

Or you can request it from your local bookshop.

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